Humpty Dumpty…

Well, in this case, it’s not Humpty Dumpty that fell down, it’s the wall. We have a stacked stone retaining wall along the sidewalk—who knows how long it’s been there—but it failed in one spot about a month ago and stones were strewn across the sidewalk. I had noticed a couple of months ago that portion […]

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Oh, don't you love basements!?

Our electricity was off for much of the day Sunday. My friend Vicki has a 1928 Tudor house about 5 blocks up from here. She texted me that her basement was flooded. I didn’t even think about it until then but having no electricity meant our sump pump was off, too. And since the snow outside […]

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Brasfield & West

Since the first of September, Vicki Brasfield and I have rented a space at the Collector’s Market on Court Street in Medford. We’re selling “Vintage and Pre-Loved Goods.” We both had stuff that we wanted to get rid of—Good Stuff—that you wouldn’t really want to sell in a garage sale. So we went together on […]

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I finally finished painting the exteriors of all the windows last week. Whew! That’s a load off my mind. I needed to finish them before the fall rain started, and thankfully, we’ve had a very dry and mild autumn so far this year. I know…we need the rain…but in this case, I’m glad it waited. I’ve also […]

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Re-glazed tub

The clawfoot finally got its due

When we did the bathroom renovation, we took out the old original 1927 built-in tub/shower. It had seen better days and the shower surround was hideous. I could have updated the surround but I didn’t want a tub/shower combination. I wanted a separate shower and a clawfoot tub, even though it’s really from a previous era—the date […]

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Turning Wasted into Useful (Space)

There was a “bump-out” in the upstairs bedroom — space that is used by the stairs for headroom. It came out from the wall at a 45 degree angle and extended into the room about 27 in. x 32 in. wide. Of course, I didn’t take ‘before’ pictures. (I really need to get better about the photo […]

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