I finally finished painting the exteriors of all the windows last week. Whew! That’s a load off my mind. I needed to finish them before the fall rain started, and thankfully, we’ve had a very dry and mild autumn so far this year. I know…we need the rain…but in this case, I’m glad it waited. I’ve also […]

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Re-glazed tub

The clawfoot finally got its due

When we did the bathroom renovation, we took out the old original 1927 built-in tub/shower. It had seen better days and the shower surround was hideous. I could have updated the surround but I didn’t want a tub/shower combination. I wanted a separate shower and a clawfoot tub, even though it’s really from a previous era—the date […]

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Turning Wasted into Useful (Space)

There was a “bump-out” in the upstairs bedroom — space that is used by the stairs for headroom. It came out from the wall at a 45 degree angle and extended into the room about 27 in. x 32 in. wide. Of course, I didn’t take ‘before’ pictures. (I really need to get better about the photo […]

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The Party’s Over

Last weekend I hosted a party for friends, neighbors and my contractors to celebrate finishing the house. It was nice to see old friends from Eagle Point and get to know our neighbors a little better. Of course, most of the conversations were about houses. Of all the contractors I invited, only Jerry showed up. Their […]

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What We've Done

Want to know what we’ve done to the house since we bought it in April 2014? Of course, the renovation didn’t really start until June (or was it July?). I did what I could myself—mostly painting and refinishing cabinet pieces— and hired professionals to do what I couldn’t… Here’s a list, more or less in chronological […]

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Coasting to the Finish Line

We’re almost there! We have been working madly on the windows’ exteriors to get them up to snuff for the appraisal for refinancing. They’re not all painted yet but they’re all primed, caulked and re-glazed (where needed) and they look finished—which was my objective. Thank God we have had good weather which allowed us to […]

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