More Cozy Comfort

You never know what might work together!

This is a continuation of my post about my bedding collection.

I discovered another combination that I had not considered until a few months ago—actually it was when I was considering changing my bedding for the Holiday season.

Red-Gold Medallion print

I usually use the red & gold medallion print comforter set, but this year I felt like something different—something festive and bright, but not the usual.

I’ve had this star quilt (pictured below) since we lived in Texas. That’s more than 20 years ago! The coordinating comforter set is long gone so I haven’t used the quilt in forever. But it’s way too cute to get rid of… (I think I originally purchased it from the Spiegel catalog!)

Then I realized I have this green-rose-off-white quilt and shams. For a long time I had stored it in the basement but brought it up recently and stuffed it into my linen closet. It suddenly dawned on me that they just might work together.

And they do! The color of the star quilt is kind of a coral, but really more of a rose shade. So, its color coordinates with the roses in the floral areas of the green/pink quilt.
Also, the checkerboard squares of both quilts are about the same size, creating a harmony of size, shape and repetition. Even the green gingham check bedskirt coordinates!

I hadn’t considered the green/pink quilt before because I previously used it on a double bed and my bed is a queen. But I figured I just might be able to use it crosswise for the queen. In actuality, it is square (the same dimension both ways). It just barely fits.

Happy New Year! Here’s to new unexpected combinations!

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