Changing with the Seasons

I have to admit it—yes, I am a collector. Not only do I have various collections of objects displayed around my house, but I also have a collection of comforters, quilts and coverlets, as well as sheets for my bed.

It’s just fun and provides variety. It does require a lot of linen storage, especially for queen comforters, but what the heck, it’s only space. And there’s always under the bed…

So, now that I have this collection, I’ve taken to changing things seasonally. Below is my red & gold Winter/Christmas set, with off-white coverlet and shams.


I change the scheme in February—looking forward to spring. No sense in staying in winter any longer than necessary. You could call it “winter white.”

Late Winter/Early Spring
Bonus scheme

Voila! A bonus—the reverse side of my late winter/early spring comforter set. A sunny look for rainy, gray days!

The reverse…

When Spring has sprung, I will change to my Spring/Summer Quilt and matching shams. This stays on the bed for the longest period of time.

Autumn themed bedding
Autumn – with gold coverlet & shams

What else changes?

The bedskirt! I had a real problem because normally one has to lift the mattress in order to change the skirt. Well, my mattress is a Tempur-pedic and it is extremely heavy. Without help, it is impossible for me to lift, so…

Solution: I have a “base” skirt which is the green check (seen in spring and summer photos). But that skirt DOES NOT coordinate with the autumn and winter comforters. So I determined that I could trim the other skirts’ platform (the part that goes under the mattress) to about 12 inches (see drawing), so that I can slip it between the mattress and (in this case, it’s basically a box, not a box spring) and alleviate the need to lift the entire mattress. So the green check stays on all the time and the other skirts are layered over it. Yes!

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  1. I love the colors as well. I still need to get red quilts – twin’s extra long – to go with new bedroom rug in our new house.

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