Repurposed – Reused

I thought it would be fun to show some of the “clever” solutions I’ve used for things that would ordinarily be thrown out or given away. (Though, needless to say, I don’t throw away many things…)

I created a spot in my laundry room for small repair needs and projects so I don’t have to go to the garage and get the big guns (tools). The cabinet contains tools, tape, batteries, etc. as well as cleaning supplies, but the little bits needed a home and there aren’t enough drawers. In fact, the base cabinet was one of the cabinets we took out of the old kitchen (the sink base with banks of drawers on both sides) and re-used it here. I painted it gray and found a laminate countertop for it at Lowes (on sale!)

This verdigris-green metal shelf (shown below) I originally purchased to use in the main bathroom in our Carrollton, Texas house. I used it to display decorative bath articles, etc. near the bathtub. Now, in my laundry room it serves to hold miscellaneous hardware bits which I corral with the little scoops from my laundry detergent. I’d hang the shelf on the wall but there’s no wall space left! (Yes, I still use powdered detergent in my old-fashioned, white, top-load washing machine! No, I haven’t bought into $1000+ glamorous, high-maintenance machines. But I digress…)

Hallelujah! An indoor dog bath! (aka utility sink)

Come to think of it, most of the stuff in the laundry room is repurposed or reused. The cabinet with glass doors above the counter (below) was in the house’s original laundry area. We moved it, repainted it and I put adhesive film on the glass that mimics reed glass. Very cool.

Even the suction-cup holder that is holding the nozzle for the sprayer (above) started life as a soap holder for the shower.

Original upper cabinet, before we remodeled

Even the white cabinet above the washer/dryer was reused. I first had it in my office in Carrollton, then in Eagle Point and now it contains laundry supplies.