I finally finished painting the exteriors of all the windows last week. Whew! That’s a load off my mind. I needed to finish them before the fall rain started, and thankfully, we’ve had a very dry and mild autumn so far this year. I know…we need the rain…but in this case, I’m glad it waited. I’ve also refinished some of the very vintage wooden window screens, but still have 2 or 3 to do. They can wait till the spring now.

The good thing about the upstairs windows is they are all casement windows, hinged vertically and they open in, so I was able to paint them from the inside, then just lean out (yikes!) to paint the exterior trim.

IMG_1173Last winter I hired a couple of guys, one after the other, to scrape, sand, fill and prime the windows on the outside. So that got done, but they never received a finish coat of paint. Then summer came and it was too hot. I thought about hiring someone to paint them and then finally decided to save a bunch of money and do it myself. So now THEY’RE DONE! And the house looks very pretty. 🙂

(And guess what!? — It’s raining!)