Blue House on Main has moved…

Well, let me explain. I’ve moved the site to a different server and if you’re a subscriber to my blog, you will probably have gotten a blog post called “Hello World.” Please disregard it and give me some time to put the site back together again. None of my images were saved with the written content so I have to re-upload all of the pictures and graphics–about 170 or so! This is a good learning experience, though painful, so I will be more efficient at moving WordPress sites for clients in the future. The key is preparation (isn’t it always?). WordPress has an Export function, but it really only exports and saves the text. Most of the settings like fonts and colors were lost and I failed to consider that before letting the old site disappear. (Serious brain cramp!)

I’ll post a new announcement when I’ve got it all back together, plus I want to show the finished retaining wall, my new deck railing, and the new concrete “patio” by the driveway. So stay tuned!

Did you know…there is a website called Wayback that periodically archives websites. I was just able to go there and refresh my memory as to how the site looked before I moved it. YES!!!!