I have a chair

It’s quite a nice chair. I got it from an estate sale. Actually, Vicki found it and reserved it for me and I went and picked it up. ($40!) It’s a wing-back recliner, upholstered in a sage green chenille fabric with a diamond pattern.

I got it for Dennis a year or so before he died. Anyway…

It only has one problem. It has springs in the seat. 

When you sit on a pillow or a foam cushion, it compresses when you sit on it, and accommodates your derrière, more or less. If the foam is thick and dense, it usually succeeds. Or you might hit bottom if the material is too thin and loose.

These springs, on the other hand, fight me, they push back! Not only that, they, and I say they because there must be more than one, they are ganging up on me! It’s like we’re playing king of the mountain but I never win. I’m always thrown off to the side, never allowed to sit in the center. 

Oh yeah, there is one other tiny little problem, now that I think about it. It’s the static electricity that my body attracts when I sit in it. Seriously. When I get up and go to turn off the lamp, which is metal, I invariably create a spark and get shocked. And there is an electrical exchange between the handle of the refrigerator and my finger (or anything else metal). Ouch, these zaps hurt!

I don’t notice the same static buildup when I sit on the leather couch. The couch contains a sofa bed with a large metal bed and spring structure, so I don’t think it’s because the chair has metal components and SPRINGS. I don’t know what to think—beyond static electricity and the fact that the rug is wool. Maybe that’s all it is…or not…?… BTW, I unplugged all of the nearby electrical stuff near the chair—with no change in my sparkability.

But there’s still my problem of being pushed. It’s like riding a bucking bronco in extreme super slo mo. Sort of. Well, I guess that’s a bit of an exaggeration… Do they have a blushing 😊 emoji? Is that blushing? It’s so small I can’t see it. 🙁

But I can’t get rid of the chair, I’m not buying any more furniture and it’s the best one I’ve got for extended sitting, off center or not. 

So, I’m just gonna keep on riding this bucker. I mean—sitting in the chair. 😉

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