The Gnomes of West Park

When we lived in Eagle Point two gnomes came to stay with us. I just assumed they were native to the area. When we moved to East Main, after we tamed the jungle in the backyard, I discovered we had another family of three gnomes living there. Come to find out—they’re cousins!

Well, the Eagle Point gnomes just kind of hung around when they lived there, staying out of the way, well, pretty much the same as they do now, but now they have jobs to do.


One of my original gnomes—I call him Smiley—now guards secret tunnel No. 1. He’s a little (a lot!) sun bleached…(when you live most of your life in a tunnel, sudden exposure to sun can have extreme consequences) but he still gets the job done, with a smile 🙂

You can tell he’s on guard. He’s listening for any disturbances in the garden…

Gnome 2 Fountain Watcher Little did we know when we relocated our small, but mighty (think heavy) fountain next to the middle island, there was already living nearby a gnome who specializes in fountain watching. He has even befriended the frog and now they’re co-fountain watchers. They like to keep a low profile.

fountain watcher and his frog friend

Gnome 3 is a bench-sitter. He’s looking a little lazy but…he keeps an eye on the concrete bench next to island #3. Watch out if you sit there. You might get a little poke when you’re not looking. You can call him…well… Lazy… Or not. Can you think of a better name? If so, let me know in the Comments below. I’ll take it under consideration, er, uh, he will. 🙂

Yet another secret tunnel! It runs under island 3 from the bench to the other side. Yes, it has its own guardian, Gnome 4. He looks like the sun is hurting his eyes. I’m not surprised—being a tunnel dweller! We’ll call him Squinty.

Last but not least, Gnome 5 patrols the old rosemary bush. I don’t know if he lives in the bush or he just takes up his post when I’m in the vicinity, since there is not a lot of shelter provided under the bush, well, the part where he is at the moment, anyway.

He’s one of the EP clan. He even got a refresher paint job some years ago, but you can’t really tell, other than he’s one of the few who actually has a little color.

Guarding old Rosemary 1

Is he saluting or just shielding his eyes from the sun? Looks like he’s standing at attention for his photograph. I think he takes his job seriously. Should we call him Reginald? He looks almost regimental. A member of the axe brigade?

Guarding old Rosemary 2

Stop on by if you’re in the neighborhood—I’ll introduce you!

Islands 2 & 3