We Passed!

It took a few tries but we passed the inspection on our remodel, so now we’re good to go! We had to install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the appropriate locations, according to code, then we got sign-off. We were required to have smoke detectors in each bedroom (we had already installed them in the halls and the basement, but those didn’t count). The carbon monoxide detectors had actually been installed by the seller’s broker just before we bought the house, but they weren’t working properly and we had disabled them. So it was just a matter of replacing the batteries, then they worked, so we didn’t have to buy new ones.

Now my contractor, Jerry, is tying up loose ends, doing other little things for me that I can’t do by myself, most of which are still in the scope of the original project, but are cosmetic rather than structural.

My aim at this point is to improve the appearance of the house, doing things like replacing missing shingles, touching up exterior paint, and repairing and repainting the windows—that’s the biggie. We are going to have a home appraisal in a week or two and we need to be as complete and as nice looking as possible.

To help me with the windows, I’ve hired a guy, Robert, who is a friend of my landscape maintenance man. He’s doing an excellent job on what is a tedious and detailed task. Hopefully we will have the windows back in shape with a week or so.