Coasting to the Finish Line

We’re almost there! We have been working madly on the windows’ exteriors to get them up to snuff for the appraisal for refinancing. They’re not all painted yet but they’re all primed, caulked and re-glazed (where needed) and they look finished—which was my objective. Thank God we have had good weather which allowed us to work on them! Whew!

We had the appraisal last week and though not as much as I had hoped, it was enough to satisfy the refinancing requirements, so we’re good to go. Plus, we are able to get VA refinancing because of Dennis’s service in the Korean War. We should close on the new loan by the end of March.

In our efforts to make the house look as nice as possible, we also replaced loose, broken and missing shingles and did an all-around tidying up of the exterior, including the yard—pruning the roses, adding mulch to the beds, etc.

Speaking of the yard, there is an abundance of bulbs coming up—I think they’re mostly tulips but I’m not sure because they haven’t bloomed yet. I had no idea they were even there. Last year at this time we didn’t own the house yet, plus the yard was so overgrown that we might not have seen them anyway. What a pleasant surprise! When they bloom I’ll post some more photos.