Master bath status update

Good news on the bathroom. Drywall is done. Taping and texturing—done. Priming—finished today. Tomorrow paint—on ceiling and upper walls. I’ve decided put a beadboard wainscot on the walls, repeating the pre-existing beadboard in the hall. Tiling will start probably a week from Monday. In conjunction with the floor tile, we’re also installing in-floor heating.

After the tile is done the beadboard can be installed—and the vanity, the tub and the toilet; the medicine cabinets, the lights. After the tile, the finish line will be in sight! YESSSSSS! [Fist Pump!] I’ll keep you posted. ( I don’t think you really want to see plain old drywall, do you?)

Here are some before shots:

BEFORE: Notice the nice red/green color combination; the faux marble (which I call liver pate/cream cheese) shower surround, and convenient toilet placement. Not only was the toilet right by the door, it was also about 4 inches away from the wall. Yikes!


Oh, I thought you’d like a better view (though a little out-of-focus) of the former shower surround.


downstairs bath
Here you see the lovely red portion of the red/green color scheme

The vanity and mirror weren’t bad, actually. Relatively new, modern, but not the style for this house. I gave them to Joyce for her bathroom remodel.