Bathroom is coming along

It’s amazing when something you’ve seen in your mind’s eye—your imagination—finally becomes a reality. I think the bathroom is going to turn out to be at least as pretty as I’ve imagined.

Most of the tile is installed. I think tomorrow they will grout it. Here’s how it looks today.

The marble floor inlaid with Ming green 1×2″ border

The walls are only painted part way down because we’ll be installing beadboard on the lower part. But you can see the green of the wall paint…

And I decided to do a border in the shower…

Subway tile in shower with accent strip
Subway tile in shower with accent strip

I was scrambling a couple of days ago, trying to find the trim pieces we needed to create the border. It wasn’t easy. Not only that, but I assumed the ceramic subway tile would be readily available locally, because it is such a common tile, or so I thought. But neither Lowes nor Home Depot had enough of what I needed and I ended up having to order it from Oregon Tile and Marble. They were able to get it for me in just a few days. OTM supplied my quartz kitchen counters, too. They give the BEST service!

I was going to have a niche for shampoo bottles, etc. but the pre-fab one I bought was just too big. So I opted for the ceramic shelves (2) and soap holder instead. More vintage looking anyway, I think.  The upstairs shower has the same thing and I like them. (But I’ll be glad when I don’t have to shower upstairs anymore!)