Front entrance has a new look!

I’ve been wanting to paint the front door ever since we moved in. This last Saturday I did it! I already purchased the paint quite a while ago, so all I had to do was wash the door with a TSP solution and get out the paint brush.

I bought some yellow mums for the urns on the two concrete “things” that flank the front steps. I don’t know what the word is for that architectural feature…does someone know? Oh, you can’t see them in this picture; I’ll post another photo too.




Front showing door

When I asked my friend, Vicki, how it looks, she said “Cheerful.” That’s good. That’s what I want!

Here’s a picture of the front showing the door—before. Just boring white. We also took out the overgrown boxwoods that were blocking the “concrete things” a while ago, so you can see the porch architecture better. Another thing I want to do is trim back the shrub on the right side, because you can hardly see that the wall slants—it gets wider at the bottom—another neat architectural feature of the house.

AND I’m going to paint the arch of the porch “cover” (another architectural term missing from my design vocabulary…) white to match the rest of the trim, so that it will stand out instead of blending with the body color.

Front door before