Fits and Starts

Progress seems to take a leap forward then stalls. Actually, I’m making progress but all these other people are slowing me down! Jerry, my contractor, and Mat, the plumber, are supposed to be here first thing this morning but it’s all ready 9:45 and no one has shown up. ARGHHH!!!

Over the weekend I prepared and painted the bathroom window; I cleaned the inside of the clawfoot tub, which I had not done, ever, since I bought the thing over a year ago. It cleaned up pretty well, but a lot of the porcelain finish is gone and much of it is a dull white—but, at least it is white! I’m going to live with it for awhile as it is and if I can’t stand it, I’ll have it resurfaced. It’s only about $300 to have it done. We’re not “bath people” so the tub is mainly for looks and charm (and resale). 🙂

Clawfoot tub – before

I also hung the curtain rod for the sheers that will partially obscure the window and add some detail and softness to basically all hard surfaces. I discovered that the sheer draperies I had bought looked purple in the room though they were supposed to be “silver” (and white), so back they went to Macy’s yesterday and I found some others on the JCPenney website that may be even better. We’ll see…

The shower glass is going to be installed on Friday, all except for the door. They measure for the door after the other panels are installed to get the most accurate dimensions.

Jerry just drove up, so away I go!