Demo is fun! Not!

I’m not fond of breaking things. So demo day (June 20th) is not my favorite time. The plus side is that my (I hesitate to call it mine) gross kitchen is biting the dust!

The ceiling had been partially torn out already, when we were locating water leaks when the water was first turned on and the plumber was there to stop the leaking. So today, before any real demo began, Jerry, my contractor and I were standing in the kitchen discussing the plan of attack when he looked up into the hole in the ceiling and said, calmly, “That’s a dead rat.” Now, I’ve been standing under that very spot for more than a month, right in front of the sink, washing out paint brushes, etc. I thought he was kidding at first until I spied what he was talking about. I think I went ballistic. I know I was on the verge of freaking out. So he started to poke at it, to knock it down and I’m trying to get the garbage bag in position to catch it before it falls on the floor. OMG! There were a couple of long dead rats in the basement, but they didn’t still have fur. Enough said.

On the brighter, lighter side, the demo uncovered some cute wallpaper from maybe the Forties or Fifties, or maybe even earlier.




It has “recipes” on it—all you can read are the titles—like Stuffed Peppers, Spiced Nut Muffins, Roast Tom Turkey…
I might have kept it if it was in better condition (just kidding!). (Actually, I should have kept a piece of it…)