Scrape, sand, paint…repeat

I’m under the gun now to get as much of the painting done before the demo starts (maybe next week?) and I lose the kitchen sink. I first painted the master bedroom. All the walls needed to be primed because of the intense colors I’m trying to cover. Don’t be fooled by the new paints that say “paint/primer in one” because they won’t cover in one coat if you’re trying to cover dark or intense colors. The ceiling needed painting too. I bought a paint sprayer to paint the ceiling because of the heavy texture. In hindsight I probably should have just rented one.

Master bedroom - painting in progress
Master bedroom – painting in progress
Master bedroom painted
Master bedroom painted – Color: Valspar ar918 “window shopping”

I just finished the walls of the living room yesterday after having to make a color correction and get different paint. That might be the first time I didn’t like the color I had chosen from a color chip. It was TOO PINK! So now it’s a little yellower and goes better with the oak floor and fireplace bricks. (It doesn’t look yellow; it just doesn’t look pink!) I’m going to try to finish the dining room today; then on to the trim.

Living room with newly painted walls. Color: Valspar 6006-1A “Woodrow Wilson Putty”
New paint on living room walls. You can see the yellow hall and the bathroom before demo. The living room was that same yellow.