In the meantime

Last week we were invited to attend a dinner club which meets monthly here in the Rogue Valley. In conversation, I brought up the fact that I’m buying a 1927 English Cottage style house on Main Street and am going to renovate it. To my amazement, the woman who was sitting across from me, Vicki, said that she had recently done the same thing. We talked for quite a while about houses and renovating, and at the end of the evening she invited me to visit her and tour her house. I jumped at the chance!

The next day I got to see her amazing Frank Clark-designed, Tudor style home. She, with the help of a designer, I believe, remodeled the kitchen and upstairs bath, along with other less major modifications. I’m hoping she’ll have me back again so I can take some photos of the wonderful interiors. The exterior shot shown here is from the original real estate listing.

front-entry of Vicki's 1928 Tudor
Front entry hall of Vicki’s 1928 Tudor – before she remodeled

Thanks, Vicki!