The other things I did last year

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I just realized I haven’t written since October! Well, I did make a list of all my accomplishments in 2017, but I never got around to writing about them—so here goes!

I installed a white vinyl, arched arbor over the front walkway. It looks pretty cute. I’m hoping to get some climbing roses to climb on it. I bought one yellow climbing rose last year and planted next to the arbor but it died. 🙁 Or maybe rather than roses, I should plant some other climbing vine, maybe wisteria…

I painted faux windows on the garage door to break up the monotony. From a distance you can’t tell they’re not real and Dennis loved them.

I finished (along with my handyman, Bernie’s help) installing the rest of the railings on the back deck.

Again with Bernie’s help, I (we) installed new vinyl plank flooring in the upstairs bathroom; much better than the peel-and-stick vinyl tiles that were there before. (Well, actually,they’re still there—underneath the new flooring.)

Then we installed a new vanity to replace the pedestal sink that didn’t provide any storage or counter space.

I also made new window screens for the upstairs casement windows. There were only a few existing, so now I’ve doubled the number of screens. I think I should make one more this year for the master bedroom. See the process here.