My Quest for the BHOM

For those of you new to this saga, I’ll give you a little background. I first viewed the house when it was on the market (as a short sale) in February 2013…yes, more than a year ago! I was just starting to see what was on the market and to think about selling our house in Eagle Point. I viewed the house twice at that time, then shortly thereafter, it was taken off the market. During that second viewing I just happened to notice the owner’s name on some mail that was laying on the kitchen counter. No, I wasn’t snooping, it just caught my eye and stuck in my memory (which is amazing in itself).

Later, I tried to contact the listing agent by phone and by email and got no response. A number of months went by during which time I started searching the Internet for contact information for the owner and FINALLY in April or May I found a phone number for him. So I gave the number to my real estate broker and she contacted the owner and convinced him to list his house again. He finally listed his house again (short sale) in June and we put our house on the market in July. We made an offer on the Main St. house but our offer was contingent on selling our house. After about three months the bank rejected our offer—I think it was a combination of too low a price and the contingency. It’s just as well, as our house didn’t sell for six months. After our rejection they listed the house for more than $30,000 above what we had offered.

At that time my broker was our selling agent and the listing agent for the Main St. house. No other offers came in and her 6-month agreement with the seller ran out so she took the listing down in November. In January, the seller enlisted a new real estate agent and listed the house again.