Status Update

I still haven’t gotten the house. But the story is not over. It was taken off the market (yet again) in November (I think). So it’s just been sitting there…cold and alone…deteriorating… But now we’ve finally sold our house and by Feb. 22nd, we’ll have money in the bank. So as soon as E. Main […]

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Old style fireplace from our Eagle Point, Oregon house

What’s the Big Idea?

I’ve always want to own an old house. Ever since my friend, Marcy and I worked on fixing up her old Craftsman bungalows and cottages in the Seventies, I’ve wanted one of my own. So, finally, this is my chance. It just might be my last chance. In fact, the house we own now is […]

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Let me be perfectly clear

I just want to mention, right off the bat, that, as of today, I don’t own this house—yet. But I WILL. I’m confident of that. But I’m not going to be posting a bunch of pictures until the house is actually mine. I might give you little glimpses but I don’t think that I should […]

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