I'm Holding My Breath

Not much to do now but wait. We have the loan approved, all the forms filled out. We had an inspection done last Saturday, though it was rather limited because none of the utilities could be turned on. You have to remember that this is a short sale and some of the normal things you […]

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Cautiously Optimistic

Annette, my real estate broker, told me yesterday that the bank has accepted my offer. We’re supposed to receive the paperwork today. I’m not celebrating until the keys are in hand. I also learned that the 30-day escrow is from the time I submitted my offer, not from the time they accept the offer, which […]

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A Good Look is Coming Soon…

As soon as the Blue House on Main is mine I will be posting the “before” pictures of the house. I have quite a few—some I took when I toured the house multiple times, and some I copied off the Web from the various times the house was listed. Then you’ll see what I’m dealing […]

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Inching Closer to Reality

Here’s the latest news on the Blue House on Main. The house became an active listing (short sale) — again — a couple of weeks ago and we submitted our new and final offer on it. No other offers were submitted. On Monday, 3/10, our offer was accepted by the seller. YES!!! Now the bank […]

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My Quest for the BHOM

For those of you new to this saga, I’ll give you a little background. I first viewed the house when it was on the market (as a short sale) in February 2013…yes, more than a year ago! I was just starting to see what was on the market and to think about selling our house […]

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Status Update

I still haven’t gotten the house. But the story is not over. It was taken off the market (yet again) in November (I think). So it’s just been sitting there…cold and alone…deteriorating… But now we’ve finally sold our house and by Feb. 22nd, we’ll have money in the bank. So as soon as E. Main […]

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