Door re-do

I originally wrote about this door project on 5/21/15. But it didn’t really fit into the topic of “The Party’s Over,” so I’m repurposing this content and adding an update. The next project for Jerry, my very special 😉 contractor, is to install a proper door to the attic space, so that I can access that storage area easily. […]

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Blue House on Main has moved…

Well, let me explain. I’ve moved the site to a different server and if you’re a subscriber to my blog, you will probably have gotten a blog post called “Hello World.” Please disregard it and give me some time to put the site back together again. None of my images were saved with the written content […]

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Finished wall 6-20-16

Reconstructing the wall

The previous version of the wall was a loosely stacked stone wall consisting of sandstone. Because the new incarnation is more tightly fitted, like a giant, HEAVY, jigsaw puzzle, there wasn’t enough stone to re-build the wall as high as it was before. So I had to purchase more stone—what you see in the later […]

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Humpty Dumpty…

Well, in this case, it’s not Humpty Dumpty that fell down, it’s the wall. We have a stacked stone retaining wall along the sidewalk—who knows how long it’s been there—but it failed in one spot about a month ago and stones were strewn across the sidewalk. I had noticed a couple of months ago that portion […]

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Oh, don't you love basements!?

Our electricity was off for much of the day Sunday. My friend Vicki has a 1928 Tudor house about 5 blocks up from here. She texted me that her basement was flooded. I didn’t even think about it until then but having no electricity meant our sump pump was off, too. And since the snow outside […]

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Brasfield & West

Since the first of September, Vicki Brasfield and I have rented a space at the Collector’s Market on Court Street in Medford. We’re selling “Vintage and Pre-Loved Goods.” We both had stuff that we wanted to get rid of—Good Stuff—that you wouldn’t really want to sell in a garage sale. So we went together on […]

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