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Making wood window screens

What goes into making a custom vintage-style window screen… All the windows on the second story are vertical casement windows that open inward. Most of them were without screens.  Having new ones custom made would be cost prohibitive, so I decided to make some more myself. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to do […]

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New vinyl plank flooring

The other things I did last year

Slideshow — Wait for it… I just realized I haven’t written since October! Well, I did make a list of all my accomplishments, but I never got around to writing about them—so here goes! I installed a white vinyl, arched arbor over the front walkway. It looks pretty cute. I’m hoping to get some climbing […]

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Old Slab Out — New Slab In

I think this might have been the patio before the back deck was installed…who knows…Nevertheless, the concrete had seen better days and it just looked sad. 🙁 The old slab didn’t have any rebar reinforcement. No wonder it cracked! Here’s the concrete crew at work: Finally done. Here’s the “new” vintage patio table I found on […]

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I finally finished painting the exteriors of all the windows last week. Whew! That’s a load off my mind. I needed to finish them before the fall rain started, and thankfully, we’ve had a very dry and mild autumn so far this year. I know…we need the rain…but in this case, I’m glad it waited. I’ve also […]

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Re-glazed tub

The clawfoot finally got its due

When we did the bathroom renovation, we took out the old original 1927 built-in tub/shower. It had seen better days and the shower surround was hideous. I could have updated the surround but I didn’t want a tub/shower combination. I wanted a separate shower and a clawfoot tub, even though it’s really from a previous era—the date […]

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