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Subway tile in shower with accent strip

Bathroom is coming along

It’s amazing when something you’ve seen in your mind’s eye—your imagination—finally becomes a reality. I think the bathroom is going to turn out to be at least as pretty as I’ve imagined. Most of the tile is installed. I think tomorrow they will grout it. Here’s how it looks today. The walls are only painted […]

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Master bath status update

Good news on the bathroom. Drywall is done. Taping and texturing—done. Priming—finished today. Tomorrow paint—on ceiling and upper walls. I’ve decided put a beadboard wainscot on the walls, repeating the pre-existing beadboard in the hall. Tiling will start probably a week from Monday. In conjunction with the floor tile, we’re also installing in-floor heating. After the […]

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We’re In!—Sort of…

Well, we’re in—more or less. We’ve still got a lot of stuff in boxes with no place to put it, as the reno is still in progress. We now (as of last Friday) have a downstairs half bath and laundry room with a utility sink that I can do dishes in, rather than the upstairs […]

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My new office is just peachy!

I’ve been running around like a chicken…so sorry for the slow updates… I finished painting the upstairs bedroom that will be my new office. Here are shots of work-in-progress. I love this room. I call it the cute room. It’s cute because it has so many cute, original built-ins. I’d wager that it was the original owners’ daughter’s […]

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Demo is fun! Not!

I’m not fond of breaking things. So demo day (June 20th) is not my favorite time. The plus side is that my (I hesitate to call it mine) gross kitchen is biting the dust! The ceiling had been partially torn out already, when we were locating water leaks when the water was first turned on […]

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